Avaduta H. H. Jagat Guru Dileepji Maharaj

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Grand Master of Yogic Life Techniques

 Blessings from Jagatguru H H Swami Buaji Maharaj  who lived over 120 years


Bio: Shri. Dileepkumar Thankappan, internationally known as "Guru Dileepji" (Spiritual Name) and otherwise known as "Guruji" is a world renowned Yogi from Tripunithura, Kerala, India also known as the capital of Cochin kingdom. His Interfaith family is ancient and well respected for its Vedic knowledge of Yoga, Vedanta, Universal Spirituality, Kalaripayattu (origin of martial arts), Ayurveda & other natural self healing systems, Sanskrit, Literature, Art, Social & Cultural activities and Interfaith teachings for Peace and Harmony.

Guruji's mother Devaki Kanakamma was his first guru and spiritual teacher, and she trained him in yoga from early childhood with the help of his father Dr. Thomas Thankappan. His mother was from a Hindu family (Kavil family) and father was from a Christian family (Nadayil Family). From his school years, Guruji was active in Yoga, sports, games, martial arts, dance, music, singing, drawing & painting, climbing, trekking, alternative medicines, gardening, organic farming, interfaith spiritual discussion groups and other selfless community services.

Guruji's parents send him to different masters in order to learn different advanced yogic techniques and other art forms. As a sports and arts lover, he has represented his schools, colleges and university nationally. He received numerous certificates, medals and awards including the first prize for the cultural program from the national level Annual Leadership Course and Rock Climbing camp which was organized by National Cadet Corps (NCC- an organization within Indian Military). Guruji was a member in NCC for 7 years and held different positions as Cadet, Corporal, Sergeant, Sergeant Major and Senior Under Officer and received A, B & C certificates.

Guruji was a spiritual traveler from his young age, In his yogic life journeys, he met and learned from self-realized Himalayan masters, saints, honored yogis, Sidhas from South India, artists and alternative medical doctors. Having experienced yogic life style for over 45 years, Guruji lived in Himalayan caves, ashrams, and palaces as well as living under Gurukula (guru-sishya-sambradaya), and modern educational systems. He is a scholar in modern and ancient techniques of yoga, meditation and other yogic healing techniques. Guruji received numerous spiritual & religious honorary titles from different spiritual masters & organizations such as Acharya, Ashan, Gurukkal, Guru, Jagadguru, Yogacharya, Yogiraj, Yogarshi, Yogashiromani, Yogabhushan, Yogabhaskara, Yogapadmam, High Priest, Patriarch, Pastor General, Archbhishop, Swami, Reverend, Avadhuta, Chaplain, Colonel and many more!

He had the great privilege to interact with international spiritual grand masters, religious and community leaders such as Avaduta H. H. Jagatguru Shri. Prabhakara Sidha Yogi, Avadhuta Sidha Yogi Poonthura Shree Thakkalaswamikal, Paul Muni Bharath, Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yeti, Patriarch Ignatius Zakka I Iwas, Mother Teresa, Swami Chinmayananda, Rabbi Joseph Gelberman, Swami Mridananda, Swami Chaitanyananda, Yogiraj Rajan Menon (lived over 100 years), Swami Vishnudevananda, Swami Satchidananda, Swami Chidananda, Sathya Sai Baba, Yogini Indira Devi, Shri. Krishnamacharya,  Pope Francis, Dalai Lama and in addition to Jagatguru H. H. Swami Bua Ji Maharaj (lived over 120 years) whom Guruji lived with and took care of his last days in New York City and received countless blessings.

In 1979, Guruji start teaching yoga to his sports team members and friends in his native place Tripunithura. In 1988, as a freelance yoga master Guruji established "International Gurukulam" spiritual movement in India. Guruji was the founder and director of "International Gurukulam, LLC. DBA / Yogabhavan in New York city. He was a manager of the Crag Management LLC. DBA / Extra Vertical Climbing center "The Tallest Rock Climbing Wall in New york City" on 62nd Street on Broadway and trained numerous people in rock climbing and conducted numerous rock climbing competitions for the Big Apple community. Through the rock climbing training center, Guruji served numerous children from Public Schools, members of JCC, New York Cares, cadets of Scouts, Hollywood Artists, FD & NYPD Officers, pioneers who climbed Mount Everest, journalists from major medias and tourists.

Guruji is involved with numerous NGOs around the world and a mentor for many people. He was the International Ambassador for International Yoga Federation and World Yoga Council from 2004 to 2010. He is the US representative to the Universal Parliament of Religions, in Argentina. He is the senior advisor of "World Yoga Foundation" in India. Guruji is an active yogi in social media and serving people globally. He often performs mantras & prayers at the Borough halls & constantly interacting with international politicians, artists, Rabbais, Swamis, Gurus, Bishops, Imams, Monks, diplomats including high officials from the United Nations.

Guruji is the founder and president of "World Yoga Community Inc." and "International Gurukula Community, Inc." (not-for-profit-organizations). He is one of the yogi who started the "International Day of Yoga" movement for global community. Since 1999, he has been traveling around the world and promoting Universal Spirituality, Yoga, Ayurveda, Natural Self Healing Techniques, Interfaith Harmony & Peace, Vedic Teachings of India, Human Values & Rights, Global Citizenship, Total Literacy, Gender Equality, Non-violence, Healthy Living, Environmental Protection, Climate Change, Oneness Wisdom Fellowship, Spiritual Fine Arts and Sports, Global Social, Cultural & Economic Development, Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainable Development and Eradication of Poverty.

Guruji is an honorable guest speaker and judge in many international conferences, events, competitions, festivals and a recipient of several peace awards and titles for his yogic services to humanity. He is considered to be a new age celebrity yogi and humanitarian having multifaceted talents and a wide range of friends from homeless people he serves to diplomats. He often gives discourses and is interviewed by media around the world. Currently, Guruji is conducting social, cultural and yogic life style related classes, events, workshops, meetings and festivals in New York City and he is a NGO representative to the United Nations. His mission is to cultivate global peace and harmony through yogic life teachings.

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